Full Biography

The story behind the artist known as Mik3y-Savag3 is a story that everyone can relate to… 

Rapper “Mikey-Savage” (spelled Mik3y-Savag3) was born “Michael Anthony Warren II” on December 2, 1991 in Montgomery, Alabama. He started getting into music at a very young age and grew up listening to various genres of music such as: Alternative, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Metal. As a kid he was often bullied for not living up to the stereotype that Blacks often face today with having to dress and act a certain way. Later on, during his senior year in High School, a couple of his friends invited him to attend youth service at Destiny Christian Center. At first, he was skeptical about going to church, since he really didn’t have much of a connection to God at the time; but decided to give it a chance. That night something inside of him changed... and he felt compelled to return the following Wednesday. After talking the with the youth pastor and months of mentoring/serving, he eventually made a strong connection with Jesus and became more excited about spreading the Gospel to others. From then on, he became the man you see today. A dedicated soldier who truly loves Christ and would do anything to connect people to the man who set his sinful soul free! 

He used his newly found passion for God and music, to tell his story in a way that teens and adults could understand and apply it to their everyday lives. Finally, on July 22, 2011, he debuted his first single "Fallen From Grace" to iTunes. A few months later he released another single entitled "Give it My All" to iTunes which served as the lead single for his upcoming EP Retribution. Again, the song was a huge local success and was even featured in Extreme Rock Magazine. The song featured Hookstarz' front man Marka Bell and fellow independent artist Alex Gorey. 

Shortly after his failed attempts to chart, he decided to take a step away from music to focus on his relationship with Christ. He began praying and listening to the teachings of his mentors, hoping to find his passion once again. Eventually he came up with the idea to change his name to “Testify-Music” as a symbolic gesture to his new approach to spreading the Gospel. Soon after he released his first studio album “Life’s Rejects” which was his most successful selling album, selling over 200 copies in under a week and helped launch his artistry to the forefront! This would lead him to open for artists such DPB, Life Thru Colors, Rockstar Jt and Mike Bama respectively. As of lately, Mikey has dropped three singles (“Bitt3rn3ss” “Ash3s” and “D3pr3ssion”) from his upcoming studio album “CONF3SSIONS, Vol. 1” which released on February 25, 2019.