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(Produced By Johnny Juliano)

Are you hiding behind the truth and deceiving yourself about relationships (break-ups). Have you truly forgiven the person(s) who wronged you?


Yeah, uhh
I’m not used to doing this kinda thing, but uhh
Lately I’ve been going through some things so
I think it’s time to take off the mask

[Testify Music]
What's this pain I'm feeling in my heart?
I guess it’s the feeling of being betrayed by my best friend
I thought we were bros till the very end
But ya left me for my ex man
I tried telling you both how I feel
Instead of getting results I ended up lonely like a common heel
Ha, why did I even try?
God knows why
I should have listened to God, instead of trying to make her mine
Cause now I'm stuck in a loveless bind
Maybe we weren't meant to be
So instead of keeping my feelings hidden, I'm gonna set ‘em free
I really don't agree, b/c in my heart I know that you belong with me
But you can’t fight destiny
Trust me I’ve been fighting the truth since 03

This ain’t a love song
This ain’t a makeup song
It’s just a chance for me, to admit, that I was wrong
I make mistakes, I’m not perfect
But I still have a purpose to fulfill
This is my father’s will

I understand now that you and I, weren’t meant to be
And writing sad songs, ain’t gone bring you back to me
So I decided to put my trust in God, and end this façade
Cause… you’re not coming back to me

[Testify Music]
I still remember the day you left
You had this look up on your face that I can’t forget
I let you leave and didn’t focus on your dad’s constant threats
Yet, I still regret, that I let it get this far
You said that this isn’t what you wanted, that our relationship was too bizarre
More like you wasn’t feelin it
But I didn’t wanna start a fight, so I gave in
That was a huge mistake, cause now my worlds about to cave in
Matthew 6:15
Forgive your enemies, as Jesus forgave you
So I will try my best to let it go
But forgiveness is tough subject, when you want someone so bad
You develop harsh feelings for the person and start to get mad
So I’m glad we parted ways, before we ending up hating one another, and
Even though I can’t stand the thought of you being with some other guy
Let alone my best friend
I think it’s for the best… I guess


I now know, what it really means to forgive
I could wallow in my pain and blame you for hurting me
But it wouldn’t change a thing
So today I’m letting go, of all the bitterness and resentment
And embracing the forgiveness just as my Father did

[Hooseki from 2xFour]
Life gets complicated when we see dreams as reality
I remember those messages you used to send
On what you thought of me
Now time has passed and I ask what has happened to us, I speak
From experience now, but don't understand it still
Maybe it's because I was too afraid to pray
I was way too scared to ask my maker, if you were meant for me
This is a pixel from our picture and every night I whisper
I miss how close we were, I pray that everything's ok


I think it’s time, I realize that God will bring the right one along
When the time is right